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Don’t Let Restaurant Foods Doom Your Diet

January 21, 2016

It’s no secret – most Americans love eating out with friends and family. After a busy day on the job or at home, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company as well as some good food. Unfortunately, once you walk into a restaurant, your healthy eating habits can walk right out.

The smells and sights of the food drive your senses crazy, and you usually end up eating more than you should or would normally eat at home. But the good thing is, you don’t have to let your diet be ruined when you eat out. It is possible for you to remain in control of what you eat.

Use these pointers to help you stay on the right track:

  1. The calories can quickly add up when you eat appetizers, which are often loaded with calories and fat. Therefore, if you are going to order an appetizer, look for low-calorie selections such as a fruit cup, vegetable soup, etc. In doing so, you can save your appetite for a healthy, low-fat main course.
  2. Some restaurants offer chips or hot bread while you wait for your order. Just because something is free, doesn’t mean it is calorie-free. Ask the server to remove the food after yo have eaten a small portion. Better yet, request that it not be brought at all.
  3. Start at the fruit and salad section when going through a buffet. By filling your plate with low-calorie choices first, your plate will not have room for the less-healthy foods. Also, eat your meal before getting dessert. You will take less if you do this because you already be full.
  4. If your vegetables are going to be seasoned with cheese, butter, or almonds, ask that these be left off. Request that butter and sour cream for your baked potato be placed “on the side”.
  5. Many restaurants are making attempts to incorporate healthy choices into their menus. But, just because it is a salad, doesn’t mean it is low-calorie, or even healthy. Pay close attention to the list of ingredients – if there are cheese, nuts, bacon and breaded chicken, the salad could be more packed with calories than a burger! Salad dressings can be full of hidden calories too. Ask if there is a low-calorie or light choice of dressing available. If not, request the salad dressing “on the side”.
  6. You can usually have higher calorie items replaced with healthier choices. When in doubt, just ask! You are paying for your meal, you may be able to request whatever you want.
  7. Finally, if you haven’t’ noticed, portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Don’t take the chance of eating an entire huge portion. Request a carryout container right as your food is delivered. Split your entree in half and box it up. You’ll eat less and have a great lunch for the following day.

By following these helpful tips, eating out while eating healthy is possible – not to mention enjoyable.