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Achieving Breakthrough

December 3, 2009

Strong Reader:

The alternate title for this post could be Giving Up, but that might not be very compelling!

Recently, I began a jogging program for the first time in my life. It is a prescribed program of interval training designed to build stamina and prevents injury or burnout. Last week, I ran for 25 minutes straight!

The first 5 minutes after I start to run, my muscles start to balk and my lungs believe there is not enough air to breathe. Because my confidence was built by doing shorter stints, I learned that you have to push through. My muscles remember they will keep moving. My lungs remember that air is abundant. I have a breakthrough and start to feel that I could run for quite some time.

I see the same pheonomenon happening all around me in nature. Waves build to a crescendo just before they crash and become peaceful. Seeds rupture and burst before they become beautiful flowers. These are breakthroughs as well.

Many times, we experience a tremendous amount of pain just before we have a breakthrough. In fact, experiencing pain may be a necessity to moving to our next level of growth. Reframing negative experiences as a step on the path to the wonderful things that are to come is a great way to flow through difficulties without getting stuck.

We can build the tolerance muscle the same way that we build our physical muscles. Recognizing the smaller challenges and acknowledging our ability to move through them builds our confidence for when we reach the bigger challenges that life brings us.

How have you proven to yourself that you can move through painful circumstances?

Where are you stuck in painful feelings? How can you allow yourself to fully experience them and move through them?

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