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Happiness Is a State of Mind

November 30, 2012

Want to feel cheerful, upbeat, and positive all year long? There are some easy ways to make your day seem a bit more upbeat, whether you are at work or at home.

There’s an old adage that basically states helping others is a great way to feel good. Helping someone else is probably the last thing on our minds when we feel we need help ourselves, but reaching out to someone in need can leave you feeling great. The good feeling that comes from volunteering at a soup kitchen, youth clinic, shelter or other venue can naturally lift sagging spirits.

Another reason people might feel “down” is that they simply aren’t getting enough sunlight in their life. A very real condition exists called Seasonal Affective Disorder. This Disorder occurs when people don’t get enough sunlight which can lead to depression. Look for ways to work sunlight into your day just as you would exercise or any other healthy behavior.

Exercise is another great way to feel happy. Most exercise, even light exercise, releases a chemical in the brain that naturally elevates moods. Athletes sometimes refer to this effect as a “physical hight.” Take a walk or whatever else you enjoy that your doctor recommends as appropriate for your state of health.

In order to truly feel happy, it’s best to stay away from alcohol or other mood-altering drugs. Relying on chemicals to feel good is not a solution to your problems. It just doesn’t work. Alcohol or other drugs only cover up painful feelings that may need to be addressed before lasting, positive change can take place.

If you make some of these positive changes in your life yet you still feel down, it might be time to ask for help.

For more information or assistance, contact Soundside Wellness Consultants at 850-226-8585 in Fort Walton Beach or 850-689-7844 in Crestview.


Getting Organized

November 7, 2012

Why be organized?

You will feel more in control – reducing the stress that unchecked clutter in your home or office produces.

You will have more room – reorganization produces more space, even if you eliminate nothing.

You will be able to find something when you want it – save time spent looking for keys, files, or other items that seem to disappear just when needed.

You will be making a favorable impression – on the people around you. Your colleagues, clients, friends and family will admire your ability to be on time, fulfill commitments and maintain order.

You will save money – by not having to buy a replacement of something you couldn’t find or didn’t remember you had. You won’t be charged for those missed appointments either.

Become more organized

Developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success. Although some people by nature are more organized than others, anyone can put routines and systems in place to help themselves become more organized.

The organizational skills you apply toward planning each day ensure that you are at least somewhat productive and that you accomplish what you need to. They help direct your attention and give you some sense of control. They provide structure, they create a semblance of order, and they reduce stress levels. How? Well, there is so much clutter in the world today, so much to do, so much to know, so much to choose from, so many places to go, so many routes to get there – so much! Without skills to help us cope with this overload we become overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Look around you. Are you surrounded by compromises and anxiety brought on by clutter? If you can reduce your mental clutter, you will not worry as much or be so anxious.

Techniques for Organization

  1. Discard
  2. Delegate
  3. Take immediate action
  4. File for follow-up