Ways Writing Can Help You Heal

From the outside your life looks perfect, but inside your heart aches from the loss of someone you love or a spouse who filed for divorce. Or maybe old wounds are still simmering within your soul, caused by painful events years ago. You feel a violent emotional yanking on your heart and a labyrinth of confusion.

Journaling, it turns out, can help you heal on a number of different levels. The mighty power of words can help you to heal.

Studies show writing about traumatic events helps you recover and move on. Some of the other healing benefits you can reap from journaling include:

  • Resolving unfinished business. Writing unearths areas of hurt you thought you’d already dealt with so you can begin the process of putting them to rest.
  • Clearing your mind. Right this minute your mind is probably swirling with thoughts about everything from what you should eat for dinner to how you are going to cope with a difficult coworker. Journaling gives you the opportunity to “clear the clutter” and focus on what’s really important. Consequently, your productivity and concentration can improve.
  • Expanding self-awareness and self-knowledge. Journaling on a routine basis reveals what makes you happy or sad, worried or confident. This is important information for you to have as you begin the process of healing and growth.
  • Experience fewer physical symptoms of stress. As you release your angst on the page instead of turning it over and over in your mind, you may discover that stress-induced headaches may decrease or high blood pressure may return to normal. Your sleep may become deeper and more restful.
  • Seeing your progress. Capturing feelings in a journal allows you to look back later and see how far you’ve come. Recognizing improvement is a great motivator!

To begin, set aside about 20 to 30 minutes in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Write about what you are feeling at that moment; explore how that relates to other aspects of your life, such as your childhood or relationships.

Write continuously and don’t worry about proper spelling or grammar. Simply allow yourself the freedom to express your thoughts. Remind yourself that things will get better. You will heal. And as you do, be sure to keep writing!

(Source: 3 Things You Can Learn From Life’s Little Knots by Hunter D. Darden)


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