Using Acceptance to Become Self-Motivated

Even in our busy world of scheduling, calendars, and planning, we may have the best intentions, but sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way we expected them to. If everything works out the way you planned, that’s great. If things don’t work out the way you planned, that can actually be a positive thing too, because change can open up new possibilities that you had not even imagined.

Give your best thought, effort and attention to the factors that you can control, but also give your full acceptance to the factors you cannot control.

What’s the best response when some unforseen event beyond your control prevents things from working out as planned? Acceptance. If you accept the situation, you will find the very best of the new possibilities that have been created and can move forward with those options, rather than dwell upon what could have been.

Acceptance does not mean that you agree with it or that you can resign yourself to live with the outcome of events that have occurred. Acceptance means that you see it for what it is and make positive use of it.

Instead of constantly worrying that something will come along to disrupt your plans, remind yourself that you can adapt to whatever may happen. Instead of being paralyzed by the fear of what you cannot control, be confident in knowing that even the most difficult situations harbor positive possibilities.

Learn not to fight against what has already happened or to be impeded by what “might” happen. Instead, choose to accept what is and use it as a springboard for magnificent success.

-Adapted from Ralph Marston from


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